Patient Testimonials

Still unsure if chiropractic treatment is right for you? See what other patients are saying about their experience with our practice.


Dennis Lane has put together a great team. Excellent massage loosened me up and he was able to adjust problem area quickly.
    I came in for relief from a bulging disc in my neck - the result of a car accident. Three visits later, pain is gone and I have new, simple exercises to refresh movement if the problem disc acts up again.
    My only regret is that I waited too long to come in. The Lane's are honest and effective. No hype, contracts, x-rays or doomsday scenarios. They just help. I offer 5-stars without hesitation.

  • Jack A.

We went to see Dr. Lane for my (elderly) dad's lower back pain. He is one of the few McKenzie therapist in Austin.
He did a great job of explaining to us what the problem is and showing us techniques to alleviate the pain. What we appreciated the most was how thorough and patient he was. He did not try to rush us and made sure we understood what we needed to do.

  • Trang L.

Dr. Lane is awesome. I came in a few months ago with an old injury, and his massage and adjustments provided immediate pain relief. Since the damage itself is old, he advised that it may take awhile to fully resolve, and much of my recovery would be up to me. He provided me with simple stretches to do every day, so I can improve on my own and see him occasionally for a tune up. Most doctors want to see you as much as possible- Dr. Lane wants to see you when YOU think it's necessary. He makes recommendations, but empowers the patient. He is very straightforward and friendly. Definitely recommend this practice.

  • Lauren L.

"BEST EVER"...Let me start by saying that since a college sports injury I have been in pain most my life. I was constantly given pain pills as a solution only to go in and out of the doctors office to get more. After finally settling on a great family practitioner, Dr. G. Cox from South Oaks Family Medicine, he suggested I see Dr. Dennis Lane. This recommendation was truly life changing for me. While I still and always will have some back pain at times, I can say that due to the treatment I received from Dr. Lane I am basically living a pain free life. He and Kelly are awesome and take every step to make you feel welcome and are taken care of. I can't even begin to explain how great Lane Chiropractic is....THANK YOU DR.  LANE AND KELLY...and I must mention a kuddos to Dr. G. Cox  for the recomendation that started this life changing road to recovery

  • Brian M.

I was just released from treatment with Dr. Lane. I went in, about a month ago, with severe back pain. Through a series of evaluations, physical therapy (I would call it, anyway) and some adjustments, I am pain free!  A lot of his "treatment" was really teaching me how to treat my back. His goal was to get me healed, not dependent. Which I definitely appreciate. I give Dr. Lane two thumbs up and 5 stars! And, Kelly, his 'assistant' is great, too. You'll have a great experience with Dr. Lane, I'm sure of it.

  • Tony A.